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Biological bone tissue engineering with adipose stem cell combined gene therapy: a future prospect in treating oral peri-implant defects

Article : Open access

Article type : Review Article

Volume : 6

Issue : 1

Year : 2020

Author : Akheel Mohammad, A Rizwan Ali

Page no : 1-5

Abstract : Osseointegrated dental implants have become an essential part of modern reconstructive dentistry and are associated with a high success rate and long term beneficial outcomes. Inflammation of peri-implant tissues called periimplantitis threatens the long term success of Dental Implants. However, the establishment of reosseointegration in peri-implant bone defects still remains a clinical challenge. The rise of tissue engineering has provided numerous therapeutic strategies for biomedical application to date. Principals of tissue engineering could be used to restore lost BIC(Bone Implant Contact)in peri-implant defects. Due to the superior osteogenic ability of Adipose-derived stem cell and BMP-2 when combined with the principals of tissue engineering they present a promising alternative for the treatment of oral peri-implant defects. Ex vivo gene therapy could be used to deliver BMP-2 Transgene to overcome the disadvantages associated with BMP-2. This paper presents a detailed description of the merits and demerits of therapeutic strategy- Adipose-derived stem cell combined with ex vivo BMP-2 gene therapy in the regeneration of Oral peri-implant defects. Keywords: Dental implants, Periimplantitis, Tissue engineering, Adipose-derived stem cell, BMP-2, Ex-vivo Gene therapy