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Registered Under Government of India NGO – Indian Trust Act 1882

Registered Under Government of India
NGO – Indian Trust Act 1882


Khyati Education and Research Foundation

Content Publishing Guide: 5 Mistakes Businesses Make and Fail ...

Publishing Course

Publishing is very vast field with numerous number of idea, knowledge and research to plat in a form of write-up, book, article, blog, editorial and various form. The meaning of the publication is the published material which is readily available for readers. This is not the only work of publisher, but there are lots of responsibilities which you will get to know in detail. This work is really a noble work through which a publisher can change society, so this is the responsibility of the publisher to publish good content that can make a positive change in society. This is not as easy as anyone can assume, to publish anything a publisher needs to follow rules and regulations described by the government. If you have an interest in a publication, then you have to learn the ethics of this publication will help you to correctly understand the process of publication and after understanding all these procedures to you can make your career in this field. There are different courses available in this field which you can choose according to choice:

  1. Books Publishing
  2. Copy Editing
  3. Content Writing
  4. Proof Reading
  5. Creative Writing
  6. Language Translation
  7. Medical Writing